Crazy Tooth Studio’s Seven 7’s: An Overview

The newest slot machine from Crazy Tooth Studio is perfect for you if you’re looking for something simple and quick to play. Our assessment of The Incredible Balloon Machine demonstrated that this is a studio not afraid to create the “unique, innovative” slot machines they claim to imagine. Lots of studios make claims like that, but Crazy Tooth Studio backs them up with quality products. We receive reels this time, so that’s progress. These Crazy Tooth folks sure are adventurous and open to trying new things. Those who pioneer new trails may find themselves waiting too long for the pack to catch up. Either that, or their experiment turns out to be a failure. Do you have any guesses as to what the number 77 will be? Check it out, shall we?

You can’t deny the game’s eye-popping visuals. Ocean, nautical, pirates, sailing, and mermaids all come up in discussions on the theme. We didn’t get that impression, but themes are subjective. Curtains, ropes, chrome, and bronze create an atmosphere reminiscent of an ornate theater. It has a fascinating air of the Victorian era about it. Like an old-fashioned traveling play where the audience paid a dime to see what went on backstage. The intrepid player will initially be confronted with a single reel bearing a lone enormous symbol. Just below it is the jackpot, whose size is proportional to the amount of money bet. Players can adjust their wagers anywhere between 20 pence and $/€10 each spin using the menu on the side of the screen. Autospins and turbospins are options. The user interface is minimal, inconspicuous, and purposefully out of the way of the steampunk aesthetic and visuals.

The payout schedule is brief but tasty. There are only three signs involved: a bar, a multiplier sign (2x), and the number 7. The bar serves mostly as a symbolic interruption that causes unproductive rotations. The number seven is the most lucrative combination, paying out for as few as two of them. The 2x can be used in place of a 7 to twice the payout. So, just press the spin button, and off you go! The RTP is a robust 96.6%, and the volatility is appropriate given the size of the jackpot at stake. There is a high risk of boredom due to the lack of events, but the 20.83% hit rate is there to assist guarantee just enough victories to keep players interested. Since there are no other features, the game must rely on its visual appeal, overall atmosphere, and success rate to attract players.

Features from Seven 7’s (Crazy Tooth Studio)

The goal of the game is to get a run of sevens in a row, which is also the single rule. The Continuwin mechanism adds a new reel and restarts the game whenever a 7 appears in the base game. A new spin is added if a seventh 7 appears. This continues until no more 7s land, or a maximum of seven 7s land, resulting in a jackpot win. The winners will be selected in the following ways:

Two of a kind doubles the bet.

10 times your bet for a full house.

25 times your bet for a full house.

75 times your bet for a full house.

Six of a kind wins 250 times the wager.

The 25,000x jackpot is awarded for 7 of a kind.

The game returns to a single reel after a payout. The Wild Multiplier symbol, which is worth 2x, is the sole other feature. When it appears, it can stand in for a 7 symbol and increase your winnings by a factor of 2. When two or more fall into place, the payout is doubled. It only appears on reels 2, 3, and 5 and has no effect on the jackpot amount if it does.

Decision (Seven Sevens, Crazy Tooth Studio)

Seven 7’s is another innovative machine by Crazy Tooth Studio that can only be fully appreciated in the flesh. Since it’s so unconventional, there’s no real way to know in advance if you’ll enjoy this presentation style. The initial shock of seeing only one reel, one symbol, and one payline can be overwhelming. The captivating mood, smooth zooming action, and eye-catching visuals help hook the viewer immediately. After experiencing some early success, you may decide to stay and see how far you can go. Because it lacks depth, Seven 7’s must rely on its fast pace to attract viewers. Nothing to hold your breath for as terms of a bonus round, just the standard Bars, 7s, and 2x multipliers.

Players aren’t likely to stick with it, but it does have its charms. The quick and easy players out there would enjoy its simplicity. The game’s volatility and respectable payout indicate that it might potentially pay off. About once every 1,000,000 spins, Crazy Tooth Studio anticipates a winning combination of 7 identical symbols to appear and award the jackpot worth 25,000 times the initial wager. If you compare it to the amount of spins needed by other slots to reach their maximum potential, you’ll find that it’s fair.

Despite the positive results of the demo, nobody seemed interested in actually playing the game again. There isn’t enough happening to keep you interested. Even so, it’s a huge improvement over The Incredible Balloon Machine and a wonderful step forward for the service’s supplier. This time around, you won’t only feel like you’re blowing up balloons and watching them bust; instead, you’ll get the authentic slot machine experience. Seven 7’s could be just what the doctor ordered for those times when a traditional 3×3 fruit machine seems like too much work. You won’t find a slot machine with less bells and whistles than this one.






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